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Corporate Overview

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort.
John Ruskin, (1819-1900)

The Noonan Group, a boutique quality engineering and consulting firm specializing in smooth launch and crisis management for the automotive industry was founded by Mary Kathryn Noonan in 1996.

Katie, who had worked for a local automotive supplier for several years, witnessed the gradual reduction, of the once prolific automotive supply base, first hand. She observed that many of the companies competing for advance vehicle program contracts could not successfully meet the stringent new cost and quality criteria mandated by the OEM’s.

The huge economic impact of a “yard- hold” or the financial backlash of a “quality spill” gave rise to a new level of motivation by suppliers in response to an increased level of accountability demanded by the OEM’s.

Noonan developed several engineering programs designed to rectify various quality issues, regardless of their stage of development. (Please see Program Services).

Noonan also embedded their engineering methodology into an unparalleled reporting system which locates and permanently tracks process issues. Due to its’ impeccable documentation, this tool averts the need to speculate about what went wrong and where, while forcing issue resolution, curing industrial amnesia while improving a suppliers prospects for solvency in the turbulent auto market.

Twenty four years later, Noonan is an internationally accredited automotive consulting firm. Noonan is an approved provider of quality consulting and process validation services to FCA, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors. To meet the needs of Global Auto Suppliers, Noonan operates in Northern Mexico and Europe. Noonan’s corporate headquarters are based in Birmingham, Michigan.