eValidate’s Services

Services offered through our strategic partnership with eValidate

A leader of Software as Service (SaaS) for the North American and the European automotive industry since 2002

eValidate’s line of products includes:

eWarranty eValidate eAudit
eInvoice ePPAP ePAAP Supplier Portal


Benefits of the eWarranty Web-Application: The system has been proven to reduce the time tracking Warranty issues by over 50%. This time savings immediately translates to thousands of US dollars.

Prior to eValidate, the warranty data analysis was done manually (excel table) and the time involved included:

  • Obtaining the data from the system for each customer’s vehicle: 15 minutes
  • Manual data analysis of each customer’s car: 5 hours (Just FCA: 3 vehicles *15 hrs. = 45 hours/month)

Now, using eValidate’s Warranty Software

  • Time to load the information into the system—an upload with multi divisions is 2 minutes or less
  • Time required to create and have available all the Warranty Charts per customer: 1 minute or less
  • More time to perform the analysis, root cause and follow-up of the Defective parts.
  • Faster analysis of the data and the warranty trend (Worldwide data and Parts return)
  • Creation of charts in seconds: (Pareto chart / Trend by Production date, Top Issues, et, etc)
  • Every chart/report can be customized based on date, vehicle, defects, component, etc….


  • All documentation (PFMEA, DFMEA, Process Flow, Control Plans, etc…) are live and completely “intuitive”.
  • Updates are remembered and offered as future choices.
  • Just click in the fields of the document and directly update it –on the Front End. You can update as many cells as you want at once!
  • For each revision level changed, the system creates an EXCEL copy of the past revision levels and stores them in the revision history module. There is a history available for each document and change.
  • All documents are compliant to current AIAG standards. For every new edition, all formats are updated automatically.
  • All the information is centralized in one place and available with the click of a mouse. No more searching for past revision levels on different hard drives, emails, faxes or copies.
  • All documents are exportable to EXCEL
  • The system learns from user inputs. Each time a user enters a new potential failure mode the system records it.
  • ePPAP.com pre-populates documents for you. When you fill out a Process Flow and PFMEA, ePPAP.com automatically fills out the Control Plan in the corresponding columns.All formats are tied to each other. When you update one document, all corresponding documents automatically update as well. ePPAP.com allows you to sort and view your RPN results by failure mode for PFMEA/DFMEA in a very innovative way.
  • Quality Management Plan available: A customized QMP based on the plan you already use! The system tracks APQP progress. Charts available for traceability.
  • Often the person responsible for updating the Process Flow is not always the person who updates the PFMEA or Control Plan, therefore, for each update the system can ask if you want to send automatic email alerts to your counterparts regarding the recent updates/additions.

ePPAP Supplier Portal

Automates and standardizes APQP submissions
  • Standardization of the documentation by providing templates (which can be division specific).
  • Simplifying ASQ (and Program buyer) tasks: less time in making reports, storing/reviewing/searching files.
  • Quickly track APQP status and behind schedule element
  • Suppliers know their current status and what your company expects from them (Sample Documentation available)
  • Improvements of quality of the documentation submitted by the suppliers.
  • Excel templates to automatically import a list of parts.
  • INTERACTIVITY between supplier and ASQ with email notification
  • Fully web-enabled; nothing to install or download on computer; intuitive interface (confirmed by Suppliers).
  • Fully customized for your company. Fast reaction/implementation to any improvement idea.
  • Extremely user friendly, no training required


  • Track your liaison/QRE reports
  • Track and monitor your customers PPM and the associated debit memos
  • Track all of your final inspection, scrap, rework, CS2 etc… in one centralized location
  • Access mission critical data from a one page executive summary
  • Drill down report accessing the point of origin for press issues, process issues, production issues, etc…
  • Standardize reporting for all of your plants activity
  • Management reports
  • 8d tracking


Audit Tracking and Management
  • Track, schedule and manage all your audits
  • Follow audit status for each location
  • Create non-conformity reports or recommended actions based on audit report
  • Track recommended action
  • Assign responsible parties for each action
  • Track action status / completion